Friday, December 31, 2010

True Leaders Are Born, They Are Not Made

Welcome to Year 2011. We are now officially one step ahead in terms of ages. We are no more turning back to our childhood age instead we are going to a much much more challenging life awaiting ahead of us.

Some men and nowadays even some women play their role in their daily life by leading others in life. Either it is just a small and not so important group or its a big and important group. Its a lifecycle that almost everybody encounter everyday.

We also without any hesitation needs leaders to lead us to achieve our goals and become more successful in the eye of other human and fulfilling our own desire. Eventhough at the eye of God we are of equally the same.

To me, great leaders are born and they are not made. The most important criteria that a good leader must have is a good and strong decision making. Good leaders are sometimes seen as being ruthless and heartless but at the end their achievement will determine whether they are good or not. They must sometimes listen to the advice of the people around them too.

During my stint with a financial institution almost 15 years ago, there was this Branch Manager who were just newly promoted from the rank of senior officer by the bank's Management. He was being promoted because his wife happens to be a remiser and handles the shares for one of the top Management people at the bank. During his duty , he failed to obliged to the needs of customers and to the employees due to his difficulty and hard headedness by not listening to any advise from his superiors under him. After 5 years working under his reign, he was then transferred back to our HQ as the complaints and bad feedback from customers and employees reach to the ears of the top Management. The Branch then were taken over by the more approachable and experience man for the position.

Leaders that are practising favouritism will lead to bad judgement and unfair decision. Unfair decision will throw the morale of employees or followers down to the drain. In the long run , that kind of leader won't last long. And unfortunately the followers will follow too. Decision must be strong , precise and must meet the objective. As a Muslim, we are so lucky and so special that we have our way of 'talking to God' and ask for the 'right decision making' through few solat sunat. Why don't we as leaders and being Muslim didn't use this channel as part of decision making? The answer is because, some Muslim leaders are too proud to 'talk and ask from God himself'.

Followers will also tend to do their part half heartedly instead of contributing with full commitment if leaders continuing practising favouritism and double standard. What's the point of keeping an undisciplined person in your group without any punishment on any wrongdoings instead? Quoted an example, Sir Alex Ferguson the team manager for Manchester United football team sold his most valuable player and most favourite son in Manchester, David Beckham , due to bad discipline and too much glam on the modelling canvas but later on goes on to win more more major trophies for the team and club. What happen if he listen to fans pleas and not punishing Beckham? The team will be ruined in the long run.Maybe the rest of the players in Man Utd will contribute not in 100 percent effort.

So through my experience, bad decision making, working without objectives, unnecessary spending financially and practising favouritism will all be the major contributing factors of a bad leadership.

Remember , again ..leaders are born they are not made.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sea Of Madness

Year 2010 is approaching its second part. I am turning 37 soon. That is not the main concern. The main concern is the way most people in our country now ending their daily life , day in day out searching for things that they also unsure and uncertain.

Being alone without both my beloved parents have made me a person who observes more and more and try to figure out and try to put myself in other people shoes. But still, I could not find the answer.

The level of self centred and selfishness among our younger generations are increasing as we are now living in a world of materialistic. Most people judges the self esteem of a person by what he or she owns not by what he or she present. To take an example of a successful person is by the way that person portrays such as expensive vehicles, living in a mansion like house and the amount of money kept in possession no matter whether it is legal or not.

Trying to be a true Muslim, is almost an impossible tasks as most workplace are controlled by those who are 'graduated' with a contaminated Western culture. Nobody cares about what Rasulullah saw our true leader of mankind left us - Quran and Hadith. How many of us really refers to the Quran and Hadith for daily life? How many?

Who ever follows are considered as orthodox backward people who denies modernization and development. No doubt that there is still few people with 'Hati Emas' but there are discarded and usually being passed unseen by most bosses in an organization.

No respect for the elders , never consider about how others might felt are becoming common act of attitude in most workplaces. Those who are shining are normally those that lick the boss bottom and ready to step on anybody's head to be on top.

When I joined this company , I thought I can instill good value by showing my Lead by Example attitude. Instead I was totally wrong, if I start doing that job, looks like I'll be the one doing it till I become breathless. I try to put myself on everybody's shoes, doing lots of work that is beyond my capacity as a so called management level staff, but at the end nobody cares. What they see is that I am always there so , why they should bother anyway?

Being attached to Human Resources Department promises that in day-to-day life , I can't avoid facing all these people with their colourful character because they are humans not machine. Should have known better, but they said the brightest flame burns quickest so I will try to understand till I reach the time when I just do not care anymore. Everyday I am playing with all sort of madness, sadness more than happiness.

Am I at another level or am I just being to observant? Only time will tell. The cracks in the wall have grown too long, its just a matter of time.